4-Inch Smash Cake
The 4-inch Smash Cake feeds 2-3 and can be made in any of our standard flavor choices. Buttercream Smash Cake $10, Fondant Accent Smash Cake $15, All Fondant Smash Cakes $20.
Sheet Cake
The 9x13 sheet cake is by historical definition 'the mother of all go-to-cakes'. Our single layer buttercream (no filling) 9x13 quarter sheet cake starts at $45. Lot's of options here, so its best to contact us right away to get an exact price
Buttercream Cake
What better way to celebrate than with a time tested party pleasing buttercream cake that never fails. Since everyone is unique and so are their needs, our buttercream cakes start at $3.00 per serving. So go ahead and tally up your guest list and lets get started pricing out your dream cake
Fondant Covered Cake
You know those really cool cakes that you see on reality television? Well, those are fondant cakes that have a wonderful and unique flavor all on their own. Our fondant cakes start at $4.00 per serving and remember, this ain't your grandmas fondant cardboard flavored wedding cake. Our fondant has a mild vanilla flavor that will leave your guests coming back for seconds.
3D Cake
Now were getting serious... This is where your guests talk year round about that awesome cake at your event, seriously; they might not remember that Aunt Betty turned 99 but they will remember that Aunt Betty had the most bad @ss cake they have ever seen! Our 3D cakes start at $5.00 per serving and are filled with buttercream. Remember here, there is a ton of detail work and labor that goes into building the 8th wonder of the world for you, but like the original 7 - it's well worth it
Sample Cake
We call this the 'should have just ordered the large' cake. The 4-inch sample cake pricing is the same as our smash cake pricing however if you're looking for something a tad bigger than you should go with our 6-inch cake that feeds 8-10. The 6-inch buttercream cake is $24 and the fondant version is $32.



Cake Flavor Selection

Popular Choices

Red Velvet
Key Lime
German Chocolate (Non-Fondant)

Cake Frosting & Filling

Popular Choices

Traditional Buttercream (many flavors to choose)
Swiss Meringue Buttercream
Cream Cheese
White Chocolate
Dark Chocolate Ganache
Milk Chocolate Ganache
Custom Fillings
Decorated Cookies
Once you try our delicious decorated cookies you will be begging for more. But since begging is for dogs all you need to do is ask. Cookie prices vary based on design, color and flavor. Our basic single color cookies start at $30 per dozen.
Mini Cookies
Want a cookie, but not a big cookie? We understand. Our mini-cookies are roughly 1-1.5
Character Cookies
There's no better way to make someone smile ear-to-ear than with their favorite character on a delicious cookie. We give special attention and time to our character cookies as we know how important it is be as accurate as possible. Character cookies start at $42 per dozen.
Heat Sealed Fresh
Great News!!! (Insert Jazz Hands Here) We individually heat seal all our cookies at no extra charge. Heat sealing extends the shelf life of your cookies for up to 4 weeks. Plenty of time to stash a cookie in your favorite hiding spot and await the perfect time to enjoy it alone. Who are we kidding, we know they won't make it past 24 hours they are so darn tasty.



Cookie Flavors

Popular Choices

Traditional (buttery nutty flavor)
Vanilla (Madagascar bourbon vanilla) 
Red Velvet 
Custom Flavor 

Gluten Free Flavors

Popular Flavors

Traditional (buttery nutty flavor)
Red Velvet 
Gluten Free Products Are Prepared In A Common Kitchen With The Risk Of Gluten Exposure. If You Have A Severe Gluten Allergy, We Do Not Recommend Consuming Our Products 

Payments & Deposits

Let's Get Serious For a Second...

We book up quickly, so in order for us to hold your date we ask for full payment or a small deposit to ensure our services. All orders $50 and under must be paid in full upon ordering to book your event date.  All orders over $50 require a deposit of 50% upon ordering to book your event date.  We prefer paypal deposits but will accept checks (and gold coins). Your order and date will not be finalized until your payment and/or deposit has been received and cleared. Deposits are fully refundable only if notification of cancellation is 8 calendar days or more before your pick-up/delivery date.
Cake Delivery is available for $10 + $2 per mile up to 15 miles from Crystal Lake, IL (60014). Setup is not included in delivery costs (cupcake towers or special dessert table arrangements, etc).