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Cake That! Bakery

My name is Ame Greco.  As the owner of Cake That! I am also a wife, mother and graphic designer who happens to be blessed enough to be able to bake and create amazing cakes, cookies and many other delicious baked goods.

Cake That! Bakery is spreading like wildfire because of people like you. Whether it’s decorating cookies, making cake pops or designing and decorating a 3 tiered cake; Cake That! Bakery would like nothing more than to be your first choice in making your special occasion even more memorable.

I use quality ingredients, and bake all my cakes from scratch. You won’t find a box cake here! Every order from Cake That! will look fantastic and taste amazing!

Cake That! Bakery is a legally licensed and permitted home based bakery in the City of Crystal Lake, Illinois.

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2011 -

Ahh, the go-go 2011's... This is when Cake That! Bakery was born.  No customers, no angel investors, just a supporting family and ton of late nights and hard work

2013 -

Cakes & Cookies

2014 -

More Cakes & Cookies

2015 -

All cakes, cookies and no play makes Cake That! a dull boy... Just kidding, our business is not gender specific nor dull - we have ton's of fun thanks to people like you!

2016 -

Living the dream.

2017 and beyond -


giving back

we care about the world around us, which is why we do more than bake.

Each year Cake That! Bakery works with a variety of not-for-profit charities, organizations and causes by taking some extra time and donating whatever we can to help support our community and surrounding area.

Cake That! Bakery is interested in all charitable causes.  Please reach out to us if you or someone you know would like to partner with us for an upcoming not-for-profit event.